15 Seo Checklist New Updates Part 2 – Continuing

1.Have High-Authority external Links :

Linking high-authority web page sends trust signals to browser,by that serving a website rank better.

2.Check Grammar and Spelling Errors:

No one likes reading anything written inaccurately,nor yet Google.Check up Grammer and Spelling mistakes on websites .

3.Readability of your content :

you should create plain, simple English.Why? Developing readability of your content increase the reach.More people will be able to attach with your content .

4.Have Main Content over the fold :

Google’s main objective is to afford search results to find the searchers’ queries.The page Layout Algorithm penalizes web page don’t have enough content over the fold.

5.Write Dynamic Headlines:

Copyblogger says, 8 out of 10 people read headlines and only 2 read the rest copy. Needless to say, headlines play a vital role in the success of your content. Craft irresistible headlines that readers can’t ignore.

6.Have Bullets and Numbered Lists :

Mobile searches are more than desktop searches,meaning people are using their mobile to connection the web.And no one likes to scroll down long articles on a mobile.Having bullets and numbers,you can break up your content for readers,making it more convenient.

7.Regularly Update your Blog :

It has been proven in many studies that Regularly updating website blog brings you more visitors.According to Hubspot,“Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published between 0 – 4 monthly posts.”

8.Use Video Content :

People like to watch videos. Youtube has become the second search engine.Jodi Harris has written a good article on how to create video content that brings results.

9.Have a Complete ‘Contact Us’ Page :

Google prefer the websites that have proper contact information. So you should make sure that your website has a complete ‘contact us’ page.

10.Server Location :

Server Location might determine your ranking in different geo – graphical reasons,specifically for geo specific searches.choosing server in the country where you are going to focus your business doesn’t make much difference on your pocket.

11. SSL Certificate :

Security is a primary priority for Google ,and Google has made HTTPS a ranking signal . Make clear your web page has SSL.

12.Submit Sitemap to Search Engines :

A Sitemap makes it simple for search engines to index the pages of your website. Make Clear you have submitted the sitemap of your website to search engines.

13.Robot.txt :

You should create robot.txt file following search engines’ guidance.Here is Google’s document robot.txt file.It is desirable that you should go through it.

14.Use Sitemap Priority Tags :

If you want search engines to give priority to a few pages on your web page,you should perfectly use sitemap priority tags.To Know more information about sitemap priority tags,visit this sitemap.org’s page.

15.Check Indexing of Your Pages :

For your benefits,you should get all of your web pages indexed,but sometimes, google removes web pages from Google index.You should keep analyze indexing of  your web pages.

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