2019 – Awesome Year For Content Marketing

Many digital marketing gurus are talking that content marketing will take on 2019, but what is content marketing and how it is different from content writing/copywriting

Content marketing :

The core objective of content marketing is to create a sharable long form of content that adds value to the customer it should also engage and convert the audience to make them a frequent buyer.

Copywriting/Content writing :

The core objective in copywriting/content writing is focused on a call to actions that you want your audience to do. They are the short form of content.

Let’s dig deep and learn the difference with an example.

  Content Marketing   Copywriting / Content writing
Blogs, podcasts, video blogs are some examples of content marketingLanding page content, Social media post descriptions, heading are the few examples of copywriting/content writing
Concept drive approachCall to action driven approach

Now that you have understood the differences,

According to Forbes content is going to be the number one trend in marketing for 2019.    

Here are 5 points for keep in mind while creating content :

•    Focus on the long form of keywords for your SEO

•    Try to podcast

•    Build video content

•    Blog to educate

•    Collaborate with fellow content developers

•    Answer to the queries raised by your audience.

Content writing is a part of content marketing both should go hand in hand, a smart content marketer knows how and when to use content writing beautifully

Bonus tip:

Always follow the golden circle theory while creating content.

Why – what you are creating content in the 1st place.

How – How your content will create an impact among your audience.

What – What good it will bring to you or your brand.  

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