26 SEO Best Practices 2019

SEO Best Practices

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is a google run website publishing technology that enable the creation of website and ads that are fast and high performing across all devices. This is especially important for mobile as more and more people are using mobile devices rather than desktop. AMP increases the page speed and friendliness of a website in mobile plays a major factor in search rankings.


Some SEO professionals are hinting that backlinks are dead and they don’t play a major role in ranking but google has said that it’s one of the three ranking factors in SEO. It’s an incoming link from one webpage to another website which acts a validation for google to recognize that this is a legitimate site and can be indexed and ranked in the search results.


It is the information present on the website that is of the value to the user and is also interesting to read at the same time. The number of people who are looking at your website and also the time spent on that website is also one of the factors for google search ranking. So content plays a major role in helping your site’s ranking and as the old adage goes Content is always king.

Retaking Content

Just because your competitor or other sites have amazing content it is no use copying that content and using it on your site because google knows where the content is being taken from. It will not only reject the content but will also penalize the website which will result in lower ranking. So retaking content is a big NO.

Fresh Content

At the same time, not changing your content regularly on your website will also have an impact in SEO rankings.  As more and more websites are coming up, they are bringing in fresh and sometimes even better content. So it’s better to change the content once in a while as it will help you compete with new websites and also in the eyes of google, will also help you rank better than your competitor as you are taking care of your website and it’s also relevant even today.

Google Fetch

This tool in google search console will help you in maintaining your website as it is useful for debugging crawl issues on your website. It also helps you to test how google crawls and renders a URL on your site.

Google Search Console

Helps you monitor your site and also makes sure your site has followed the rules and regulations of the search engine. It was previously called Google Webmaster tools. 


Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is also considered as a ranking factor since 2014. This makes your site secure and in the eyes of google it is also a ranking factor. How secure your site is will also impact whether the user will enter that site and for how long he stays on that site.

Information Architecture

A well structured site can be indexed better and faster by google crawlers. How fast google crawls the website can indirectly affect the ranking.

Render as Java

There was an old saying that Google can’t crawl JavaScript, but now that is not true. The google fetch tool is the best for fetching and rendering your pages which are using JavaScript.

Knowledge Graph

It is a knowledge base used by google which give us more information about that particular products/services using inboxes in search results. The information is gathered from a variety of sources including Wikipedia.

Latent Semantic Indexing

It is a 1980 mathematic technique developed to improve the accuracy of search retrieval. Its function is to scan unstructured data within documents and identify relationships between the documents and also the concepts contained in them.

Mobile Crawling

Google also crawls mobile version of websites for indexing and ranking as more and more people are using mobile rather than desktop and google has also started taking mobile seriously. It considers mobiles friendliness for websites for ranking on the search results.

Orphan Page

It is a page which is not linked to any other page on the website nor can the user, when arriving at that page, go anywhere else related to the content on the page. They are generally not used for SEO so it is best if the search engines not crawl them.

Page Speed

The page speed determines the quality of the website and also how long the user stays on that page. If the page takes too long to load then the user will move to some other site which in turn will increase the bounce rate which will also affect the ranking of that page.

Query Freshness

The query freshness algorithm decides what topics and search results deserves new and improved search results.  Google keeps improving on its algorithm and its ability to decide which site to show for what keyword. Only the relevant and up to date website show for keywords.


It is an algorithm learning AI system used by google and is one of the top ranking factors to process search results. Its main purpose is to provide more relevant search results to users by dissecting the keywords given and trying to interpret it’s meaning to give the most appropriate keyword.

Schema Markup

For your page to have rich snippets you need Schema Markup aka structured data for the results to show more information about the product displayed on your website. Rich snippets can greatly help you to get more clicks and people generally click on rich snippets more, than normal website links.


TrustBank by Google measures how trustworthy your site can be. Part of google’s success as a search engine when compared with other search engine is that it shows relevant result for its keywords and also the trust that users have on google to show them the correct results they require.

User’s Search History

What users search can influence the search engine on what can be shown to them based on their past searches. This is a key driver for both personalized as well as semantic search.

Voice Search

This is considered to be the next revolution when it comes to search and increasingly more people are now using voice to search online. It can be done either through mobile or computer.


For anything and everything, people go to Wikipedia. Even Google’s knowledge graph uses it as a key source for information. 

XML Site Map

Just as its name suggests, it’s a map that is read by search engine crawlers so that it can efficiently crawl the website faster and without any confusion. It helps the search engine better understand their website.

YouTube videos

It is the second largest search engine behind google and video is now the most engaged thing on all platforms, so YouTube is a must for any brand or SEO professional to get ahead in search rankings.

Zero Result Serps

In early 2018 google made an experiment where it only showed knowledge graph with no organic search results. Some people say it’s going to be the new norm in the next few years.

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