Cool Job Opportunity For Engineering Pass-Outs


Did you know only 6% of the total engineering pass-outs gets hired in their core domain, rest 94% end up in BPO/KPO, sales, marketing etc?

And out of this 94% only a few are happy about doing non-core jobs, 

Family and society pressure push them to take up these odd jobs.

The jobs these guys take up requires very limited skill set, because the script for their voice pitch is already prepared by someone else, all they need to do is just delivery it with good communication and little presence of mind, for an individual the scope of growth in these place is very less, and often we see them switch jobs for 10% to 15% percent hike. This kind of growth is directionless and not wise for the long run.

What is the solution?

Below we have listed some great career option for Engineering pass outs.

  • Content Marketing/Content writer

According to a blog in the, job vacancies grew by 350% compared to the last few years, another interesting mention by Welkermedia Quote – the content marketing industry could form 313 billion dollar industry in 2019. When such big players are talking about the tremendous growth potential in the content marketing industry, this makes an ideal choice for engineers to try their hands in some creative writing to make a successful career out of it.

  • SEO Analytics

Let’s begin with a question – What is SEO?

Every digital marketer has their own way of defining SEO, In our simple words, Getting your website ranked in the first page of the google search result for any keyword or a key phrase is termed as Search Engine Optimization.  This sounds easy right, no it may sound easy but the process behind this is very challenging, there are many known and unknown parameters involved in it.  

Why SEO is important for any business?

Any form of business is driven by search and that search is happening mostly online in popular search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc, and when your website ranks on the first page of search engine for the search keywords, the chance that customer might click your website to make inquiry/ purchase based on his or her requirement.

This way SEO analytics is directly helping business to grow online, lakhs of job offers are available, See to believe – go to any job portal and search for SEO jobs, and you will be served with thousands of jobs.

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  • SMO executive

Digital information world says, an average  person spends 2 to 3 hours daily on social media, this trend is very high between age 16 to 24, these numbers indicate the majority of the world population spend their time of social media, this creates opportunity for the business owners to use the platforms to advertise their business on these platforms, but they don’t know to how paid ad format works. This is where Social media executives enters, if you spend more than 2 hours on social media and have a good creative mind, then this is the right job for you. Creative mind and good communication skill are required to become a master in this career.

  • Digital marketing executive

Now that you have learned about the career prospect in Content marketing, SEO and Social media optimization. Digital marketing is the sum of  these 3 and few more like, Email marketing, Mobile  marketing, Online reputation management and so on, learning all the elements gives you an edge starting from the day one, you will have a holistic marketing approach, you will be able to help business in more ways, most importantly you will get greater pay and on the long run your career graph will have a dynamic growth.

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