Create Social Media Strategy in Step by Step

Though every brand social media strategy is different, the core principle remains the same; every digital marketer must stick to them in order to get the best outcome. Here we have listed those eight principles which one can follow to achieve the right outcome for their social media efforts.

  • Brand Audit
  1. Understand which are the right social media platforms for your brand, because choosing the right platform helps you in building right content communication.
  2. What kind of content will your audience prefer, or in which format they consume the content better (Video, creative’s, Blog, Short write ups, etc)
  3. Understand the target audience and their presence in various social media, as it helps to set the right communication tone.
  • Competitive audit
  1. Who are your competitors, rank them based on their numbers in social media.
  2. Analysis the content communication that they follow.
  3. Look for loopholes in their strategy and try to capitalize that gap.
  4. The most important one is learn from their mistake, as it will save you money and efforts
  • Customer Avatar
  1. Customer avatar are trending once, as it make the customer feel more connected with the brand, so based on the engagement try and build customer avatar.
  2. Customer avatar will also help you in determining the right communication strategies.
  • Content Type
  1. You must understand the true native nature of the social media to identify the type of content that you can share in that particular platform.
  2. Though there are only few content type like, images, videos, audios, blogs, but you can create a creative approach in content communication strategy to get the best engagement out of any content type.
  • Content Strategy
  1. Content is king, make this as your thumb rule and start building content for maximum engagement.
  2. Always build the content in line with the sales funnel i.e.: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion and Optimization.
  3. A/B content testing is also helpful to understand your audience preference, users are always happy if they are presented with options, marketer should always go that extra mile to serve the same.
  • Content calendar
  1. One common problem that marketer face is consistency, to overcome the same one must create a content calendar and follow it strictly.
  2. Having a well thought content calendar not only makes you work easy to follow, but it also gives you clarity in future content development
  • Measurement and analytics
  1. The second most important part of any social media plan is measurement, dig deep into analytics, and find where the audience is coming from and who are they.
  2. See what kind of communication is giving you maximum engagement and put more efforts in building similar kind of content. 
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  1. A good ROI is the result of successful marketing effort that is being put in the social media; it can be measured in lead conversion or sales.
  2. By following the right funnel approach any brand can achieve the desired return on investment.

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