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We are starting a new series of a blog called Digital Success Stories. These will be the success stories of individual and organization that have made a difference in the world of digital. The inspiration for starting this post came from the facebook group called Learn Digital Marketing, owned by Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju aka DigitalDeepak, he needs no introduction for the people who are in the digital ecosystem.

A couple of days back we bumped into a post from Mr. Deepak where have posted an interesting question “What is your digital marketing success story? I want to interview you on my blog”.

By doing this he is generating content for his blog, these stories will inspire other digital marketers as well.

Though 40 plus comments were posted we have selected some of the best one for you to read. Now let’s look at some of the good one.

  1. The 1st story is very much fascinating by Anshika where she talks about her digital marketing agency, which is run by all women power and the best part is they are operating from different cites, the best part is they all work from their home.
  1. YouTube is one platform which is in the minds of every other digital marketer in India, because of many reasons, but the primary reason being the time spent, the marketer gets the advantage to market the product and service in detail. Mr. Suraj is trying to harness the same power by starting his Youtube channel and he has tasted some success by reaching a few milestones. 

2. Mr. Hitesh made a simple point; you don’t have to be from IIM to teach in IIM.

3. A deep creative strategy with digital knowledge can take you places, Mr. Moloy Kumar is a live example of that, sitting at his home in Kolkata he has a client from across the globe, read his story for some digital inspiration.

4. Ms. Biswajeeta is a classic example of attitude to learn, her story orbits around how her learning attitude and making the right choice made the difference to her career. 

5.“Where there is will there is a way” this quote certainly suits Mr. Prathamesh, He has come a long way, being deported from US to owning a Digital Marketing Agency in US.

6. Mr. Masira never gave up on this dream even after witnessing many failures in his early stage of career, now he is visiting faculty in many MBA institution in India with 20plus digital clients. If we go by the details, his journey can be translated into a book.

Hope some of these stories inspire you to excel well in digital marketing. if you are new to digital marketing and want to learn it, then visit us, we are one among the best digital marketing course provider in Chennai. 

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