Facebook provide one of the best platform to promote your brand or services to your local market easily, there are different types of ad formats available based on the business objectives, many a times we forget the basis while creating a campaign in facebook ads,

We have collated some of the best practice that one can follow to get the best results.

Now Let’s break it into four categories.

1. Objective
  • promotions:

    HighlightTell individuals about an advancement or an offer, for example, a party time or deal. Give individuals a motivator to visit your business.

  • Give a human touch:

    Does your business have one of a kind characteristic or an extraordinary back story? Make it simple for individuals to interface with your central goal and contributions.

  • Always have the right call to action button:

    Give individuals a simple method to connect with your business utilizing suggestion to take action catches.

2. Targeting
  • Play with speed:

    People consume content much more rapidly in Stories. Try and make sharp video transaction to make the video interesting.

  • Use speed as magic trick:

    Be as brief as possible and make your content easily understandable in a short duration

  • Numerous scenes work better:

    For increasingly complex stories, quick, multiple “chapters” contribute to effective campaign.

  • Enjoyment with sound-on: 60% of video stories are seen with sound on; utilize sound as an approach to upgrade your story.
  • Bookend with brand: Get your image in right off the bat in your story and strengthen your image or message before the audience proceeds onward toward the end.
  • Play progressively: Other than a 15-second top for recordings and 3 seconds for still pictures, there are no genuine “principles” or equations for success – explore and experiment!
  • Legend your item: Product-centered creatives drives business results all the more productively. Spot your item at the middle and feature its uniqueness.
  • Exploit the full screen: Consider staying two pictures or two recordings together. Have a go at utilizing diverse layouts to do as such. Use canva like tools to get great outcome.
3. Ad Format
  • Take advantage of all placements available: In addition to Facebook News Feed, consider in-stream ads and Instagram Stories.
  • Lead with great content: Ensure that your content is strong and compelling. Try using great thumbnails, vivid backgrounds and stunning product shots.
  • Feature your brand message early in the first three seconds: Make sure that your celebrity, character or symbol is front and centre of your video.
  • Design for sound-off, delight with sound-on: Your video ads should communicate clearly without sound, but get better with sound on. Include captions that are optimised for smaller mobile screens.
  • Fit your story in right frame: More and more people are watching video in mobile, hence it make sense to produce the videos in 4:5 or 9:16 ratios.
  • Try captions: For those who may watch your video with sound-off, ensure that they can still understand what is going on.
  • Capture attention quickly: Across all mediums, but especially on mobile, deliver your message in 15 seconds or less. Learn how.
  • Optimise your videos: Create two versions of a video for an optimal placement.

1)Square video (1:1) for feed.

2)Vertical video (9:16) for stories

  • Choose an interesting thumbnail: During Facebook or Instagram ad setup, after uploading the video for the ad, make sure that you choose a thumbnail that isn’t text heavy and that will grab the attention of your audience.
  • You should survey your campaigns no less than consistently to search for more extensive topics and assess for new thoughts.
  • Use narrow to limit the outcomes that you see.
  • Use breakdowns to get audience targeting ideas for future campaigns, find the right age set to target, where individuals see your promotions and which gadgets they’re using.

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