Hashtag in Social Media | Top powerful hashtag tool 2018-19

What is hashtag.

# Symbol followed by word or phrase create hashtag in social media platforms like twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube etc.  Hashtag was first introduced in twitter and later adopted by other social media channels.

Creative ways to use hashtags.

  • Promote your business in social media using contest hashtags
  • Use hashtags to hold a chat conversation in social media
  • Use in conference/ seminars/ workshops and engage with the audience in real time.
  • Try and create business content around the trending hashtag
  • Use hashtags to create challenges .

Do’s and Don’ts of hashtag 

  • Don’t have more than 3 to 4 hashtags
  • Don’t hashtag everything
  • Don’t make hashtags too long
  • Use hashtags in the body
  • Do ask other people to use your hashtags
  • Don’t use too many to many uppercase
  • Top hashtag finder tool.

Hashatit : – According to there website, they are the 1st social search engine, very helpful in finding tags on social platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram and pinterest. 

Visit site – www.hashatit.com

Hashtagify: – There website mentions that hashtagify is the advanced twitter and Instagram hashtags tracking tool, it also help to find right set of target audience.

Visit site – www.hashtagify.me

All Hashtag: – All Hashtag is created by Toan, a 26 old web developer from Cloppenburg, Germany, he started this website in 2015, now is generating ad sense revenue from this site. His website provides option of top hashtags, random hashtags, live hashtags and similar hashtags.

Visit site – www.all-hashtag.com

Keyhole:- According to there website claim they are the number one in terms of hashtag analytics. They measure real time social media data and present the illustration in a easy readable graph. 

Visit site – www.keyhole.co

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