Image Text Check for Facebook And Instagram

If you are running ad on Facebook and Instagram, then you must be aware of the 20% text rule, which means that you can have only 20% text in you proposed ad campaign, but many a times we as digital marketer figure out the issue during campaign building stage, Facebook has provided a solution for it in the form of Image Text Check

When you upload any image to this tool, What it does is it scans your ad for text content and tells you how your ad might perform, there are four levels of measurement, OK, LOW, Medium and High. Below screenshot for your reference.


OK : – This indicator will be in green colour tick with a text OK, which means that the ad created by you is perfect and will reach your desired audience.


Low: When is result shows low that means the ad will run and will reach slightly lower audience.M


Medium: When is result is medium your ad might be approved, but the reach will be very less.


High: High result is an indication that your ad will be approved and no reach. 


This tool is very helpful in creative development stages where we can easily alter the text for the best fit.

Pro tip: Many a times the text levels are high, you can still run the ad by doing a manual request for approval of the post, this work 9 out of 10 times, all you need to increase the budget slightly higher and your ads will run.

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