Learn 7 Social Media Secrets For Business Owners

I have heard many business owners say Social media is digital marketing, its completely wrong social media is one big part in digital marketing, as business owners you should have an omnichannel approach in terms of digital marketing

In general, marketing rate cards have increased by 20% to 30% thanks to government taxes, the rise in fuel prices and increase in labor charges, this has led some serious scare to the small and medium scale business owners, who find it difficult to handle this burden, so what is the solution?

The simplest solution is social media, business owners should think of adapting to social media, this will help them to cut the cost of marketing and help to track there ROI, which is a very difficult task in direct marketing, another advantage of social media marketing is that you can target your advertisement/Communication to selected set of audience based on various parameters like age, gender, location, and behavior persona. All these possibilities make social media an ideal choice for business owners.

If you are a business owner and planning to try social media marketing for business, then you must read the below mentioned points before going further.

1. Organic is down :

Organic reach is dead on Facebook, Instagram, twitter so when you are allotting budget for your digital marketing campaign, do allocate some funds for paid promotion on these platforms.

2. Pay to stay :

As mentioned in the above point organic reach is close to nil, you have to do paid advertisement to gain reach and get the conversation going, one important key that every business owner should keep in mind is setting your ad goals right at the beginning of an ad campaign, this will help you get the best outcome of your promotion.

3. Care for the customer, focus on building community :

Once your business is online, your audience will start interacting with you through your social handles, the interaction can be good or bad, you should be smart enough to respond gently, always in this process try to group and nurture the community. Because your community audience is your brand ambassadors. 

4. Give something of value/ personal branding:

Every business is built upon a core principle of solving a problem, people are always in trouble and they seek solution, as a business owner you must be a solution provider who cares for their customer and help them with your product or services, social media gives you that platform to connect with your audience. Use it wisely to extract the best of it.

5. Video content :

Of late you are watching lots of videos on YouTube/ Facebook, thanks to better internet penetration India is consuming more and more video content, therefore it will be very much rational to invest in creating and promoting high-quality video content. One upper hand that video marketing has over other channels is people tend to believe what they see and videos are the perfect package that does the job. Bottom-line is video marketing is here to stay, so start generating video for your business.

6. Audio content :

There is no second thought that technology has made us lazy, one latest example of that is audio search devices from Google, Amazon, and apple, these audio devices(google home/Alexa) are basically computers connected with internet which help you search information and present it to you in an audio manner, now this makes sense for you to create audio content and share it across social platform. 

7. Dig deep into the metrics :

Every social media platform has its own dashboard which record the metrics of each post that is shared on it. Learn to understand these numbers they always show a pattern and it will tell what your audience is feeling about your business. Apply the TCEO(Think, Create, Engage Optimise)  model and iterate the process.

Bonus tips :

Give free content like a tutorial in any form (audio, Infographics, video or blog) this will help you build an audience.

Social media has does not have a formula for success, every business is different and so are the circumstances, therefore, write your own rule and success formula.

To conclude, any business owner must understand the right way to use social media, people use social media as a source of information and entertainment, to say it in one word, it’s the source of Infotainment. if you can strike the right balance, your business will go leaps and bounds.

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