Scope Of Digital Marketing in 2019

With the advent of technology and indeed the rapidly growing usage of the internet, it is safe to say that digital marketing is an industry that isn’t disappearing anytime soon. In fact, the scope for digital marketing only grows bigger day by day. Marketing since the beginning of time revolves around what the consumer is using. If we go back few years we can see how the usage of the radio gave birth to radio advertising and marketing, this was followed by the television which gave gave rise to TV ads which became a platform to reach mass audience and so on. Now, we have the biggest technology development ever in terms of the internet.

With e-commerce giants like Amazon taking over the world, it is only logical to realise that if the products go digit so should the marketing. Here are 3 reasons that show us why digital marketing is here to stay:

  • It is Constantly Evolving:

From social media platforms to mobile phones technology is constantly evolving and changing and, along with it so does digital marketing. Traditional marketing methods are rapidly losing their shine as the world goes gaga online. Simply put, digital marketing is the development, implementation and management of brand awareness on an organization long with its product and services online. Hardly anyone does marketing door-to-door anymore when everything is available with just a few taps on you phone.

  • Statistics Don’t Lie:

Google is the largest search engine globally and thanks to Google Ads, we now have advertisements all over our webpage. But what are the statistics? 64% of consumers click on a Google Ad while browsing and for every $1 spent on a Google Ad businesses make $2. In addition to this, studies from Google also how us that 51% of smartphone users have invested in buying new brands and products after browsing them on their phone. Therefore with the hypnotic hold that advertisements hold over consumers digital marketing is certainly a must.

  • Social Media:

Social Media is the biggest boon to the marketing industry. Close to half the world’s population is always on some form of social media. Facebook still leads the way followed by Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Therefore, your best bet for reaching consumers is social media and hence social media management is highly important.

When it comes to job opportunities there is no end to what you can do. From being a digital media strategist to a social media manager and a SEO executive to a web analyst there is always something for you. So yes, digital marketing has taken the world by storm and since the digital space has no end when it comes to expansion, the scope for digital marketing is also endless.

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