What Is Social Selling Index In Personal Branding

Personal Branding is a crucial factor in converting business these days, it’s a general human tendency to believe a person more than a company, but then how to brand survive if you look closely every brand revolves around some or other personality, their principals and their problem-solving attitude builds any brand,
But here we are not talking about building a brand for any company we are talking about personal branding, just because everyone knows your name doesn’t mean that you are a brand, the true meaning of being a brand mean what contribution you make to your community or your audience that follows you.
According to LinkedIn, there are four elements to social selling through personal branding
1) Post regularly on your LinkedIn page, the key is to post useful content for your audience.
2) Use the best of tools/ method to find your prospects
3) Analysis the metrics and share the conversion worthy updates.
4) Strengthen your relationship with your audience by listening and solving their problems.
LinkedIn also provides a tool which analyzes your profile to give feedback and score on your social selling index.
To check your social selling index, login in your LinkedIn account and in another tab open the below-mentioned URL, this will open up a dashboard with your social selling index score, the best part is that it will also show the industry standard score and top score in the network,
These metrics help you gain better leads, meaningful insights and extend reach to grow your network.

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